Are You Struggling To Start Building Your List?

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Dear Struggling List Builders,

There's no doubt about it. The fastest and easiest way of building online wealth is by building a targeted email list within your niche market.

Make sense, right? After all, you'll be able to send out promotional emails and affiliate campaigns instantly, without any marketing costs involved.

In fact top marketers have unanimously agreed that each one in your list should make you at least $1-$5 a month. Meaning if you can build a list of 1,000 people you should be making between $1,000 to $5,000 each and every month!

Building such a list is like having your very own money-printing machine!
Unfortunately, building large, high-quality opt-in list is extremely difficult and can take years of hard work and effort – years that most online marketers simply don’t have.

You see, to build a list you have to go through all of these:

1- You need to set up a squeeze page to capture the emails
2- You need to write a free report
3- You need to create follow up messages
4- You need to know how to install all of this

If you are to do this by yourself it will take you days, if not months and potentially hundreds of dollars if you are to outsource it!

But you don’t have to because I already did all the hard work for you…

Introducing "Done For You List Builders"
Done For You List Builders
But Don't Just Take My Word For It :

Are you wondering about cost?

You could be asking yourself Will this cost too much?

That’s fair enough, considering the experiences you may have had with alternative ‘solutions’ you looked at.
Maybe you’ve been put off by these alternative ‘solutions’ already:

1) You could pay someone to overcharge you and to do it for you
    •    You have to risk your money, not knowing if the person will deliver results
    •    You wait for weeks or months while they take their sweet time concentrating on too many tasks at once
    •    Worst is the cost. You pay through the nose (generally fees exceed $5,000!)

2) You could take on the entire burden yourself
    •    Well we all know the painful experience of trying this yourself!
    •    It takes weeks to months and a whole lot of effort
    •    Sure it’s ‘free’, but what if you placed a dollar value on your time? How much is a month worth to you?

When confronted with those expensive options, you could be hesitant to realize your problem can be solved cheaply. These methods ask tremendously expensive fees if you want to build your list.

But you can breathe easily, because now you don’t have to fork out gargantuan fees.

You’re getting Done For You List Builders valued at $128, and today you’re also getting my bonuses , valued at $27 . You are getting all of this for the minimal investment of $7.

Yes, for only $7 you can start building your list in the next 24 hours.

Invest today and receive my 90 days 100% risk free guarantee

Done For You List Builders

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To your success,
Abdulla Bamatraf

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Is This Newbie Friendly?
Yes, You get pdf files instruction with every module so you can set up everything correctly.

Will This Work In Any Niche?
You can use the squeeze pages and the thank you and download pages in any niche, Anyway the articles, giveaway reports and the email swipes are in Internet Marketing niche.

I Don't Have Time, Can You Set Up Everything For Me From A to Z?
Yes I can do that for a small fee, Please email me at

I Need Help, How Can I Contact You?
Email me at or send me a pm on Facebook.
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